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The Role of Innovation in the Employee Experience

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The customer experience dictates organizational success. It is the driving force behind where individuals shop, eat, and spend. More importantly, experience creates loyalty between customers and companies. Executives know this and they believe in this. But what role does experience play in organizational success? How is the experience impacting employees and how can we get… Read more »

The Impact of Recognition on the Employee Experience

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Companies recognize the impact of experience on growth and profitability and are changing the way they engage and support customers. They are placing a heavy focus on the individual – creating a more meaningful relationship. This is our experience as consumers and it is starting into the workforce. Today’s companies must prioritize the employee and… Read more »

HR Technology Providers: What Your Demo Says About You

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I have had some bad demos this summer. I get it. Sometimes things just don’t go right. The connection might be slow. The product isn’t doing what it is supposed to be doing. The conference bridge has issues. It’s not a big deal…technology solutions are entitled to have bad days too. But why does it… Read more »

The Top Four Investments in Talent Acquisition Technology

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The number one question I get asked by corporations and solution providers is “what is the hottest talent acquisition technology right now?” It’s not an easy question to answer.  It never has been. What may seem hot is not always what drives efficiency and success. And more often than not, hot fades away. Companies need… Read more »

A Closer Look at Aptitude Research Partners

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We are very excited to launch Aptitude Research Partners and share with you some of our research ideas for the next year. Mollie and I have covered this industry for almost two decades and this year has left an impression. With the innovation, transparency, focus on experience, and demand for data, HCM is not what… Read more »