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New Research on Returning to Work: Safety, Childcare, Communication, and Recognition

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The “return to work” conversations have left employees feeling vulnerable and concerned about their future. For most companies, questions about childcare, safety, and communication have not been answered. And, as the uncertainty continues, it is having a devastating impact on the employee experience. Aptitude Research has launched a major study to look at how employers… Read more »

Questions to Ask During a Merger or Acquisition

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Mergers are different from acquisitions because the two companies are equal (for the most part), and they make the joint decision to combine forces. An acquisition is typically a takeover of a smaller firm by a larger firm. Most of the announcements in the HCM space are acquisitions, but we have seen a few mergers… Read more »

New Research: Pre-Hire Assessments

I am excited about a new research report, that we published this week on the assessment market. It is an exciting time to consider assessments and today, companies have better options to make data-driven decisions around talent. One case study that we featured in the report is Proctor and Gamble ( a ModernHire client). I… Read more »

iCIMS INFLUENCE Event: Esurance Competes for Tech Talent

Last month, iCIMS hosted its first-ever combined customer and analyst event in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was an opportunity for influencers and talent acquisition leaders to share ideas, research, and opinions on everything related to talent acquisition and its impact on business outcomes. One of the topics discussed during the event was the increasing competition for… Read more »

A Love Letter to Startups

Early in my career, I was great at taking briefings with startups, writing about startups, and advising startups. At one time, covering startups was my favorite part of being an analyst. I loved the innovation and the excitement that came with emerging providers. Ten years ago, talent acquisition was very much a startup market. Jobs2Web… Read more »

HR Technology Conference 2019: A More Sophisticated Buyer

The HR Technology Conference gives me the opportunity to reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future. In preparing for this year’s event, I decided to dig up old notes and presentations from the past 14 years. This landscape has changed dramatically. Integrated talent management has been replaced with employee experience. Big… Read more »

Startups in Silicon Valley: It is Time to Slow Down

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I recently watched The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley. The HBO Documentary which profiles Elizabeth Holmes and her blood-testing company, Theranos, is both horrifying and familiar. In 2014, Theranos was valued at $10 billion. Four years later, it was worth less than zero. It is the story of a tech startup that pushes… Read more »