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New Research: The Informed Candidate

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Today’s candidates are making smarter decisions about what they want from an employer. They are diving deeper into job sites, career sites, and social media to get a clear picture of an organization before making a connection. They want to understand if the skills they have are the skills needed for the job. This more… Read more »

Assessments: You Have Better Options

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I have been covering the assessment market for the past 15 years. And to be honest…I have done a less than stellar job. Looking back on research from 2005 makes me want to cringe. We are still talking about the same trends, the same providers, and the same challenges. Companies continue to invest heavily in… Read more »

A Simple Way to Improve Quality in Talent Acquisition

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According to our latest talent acquisition survey, forty percent of companies are increasing their headcount this year and as a result, need to think about investing in the right solutions. Many of these companies are thinking differently about some of the basic areas of talent acquisition rather than investing in what seems to be “new”…. Read more »

April Acquisitions in Talent Acquisition

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According to the PwC Deals report that published yesterday, 506 deals took place involving US tech companies in Q1. To put that in perspective, we are talking about $60 billion exchanged. And, no surprise, several of these deals were in HCM technology. These deal sizes and volume have remained up and the momentum has not… Read more »

Equal Pay Day: What Can You Do?

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April 10 is Equal Pay Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness for the gender pay gap. According to research by Pew Research Center, the gender pay gap has narrowed (mostly for younger generations) but still persists and has remained pretty consistent in recent years. In 2017, women earned 82% of what men earned, this… Read more »

Best-of-Breed vs. ERP in Talent Acquisition

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The debate between ERP and best-of-breed is still very much alive in talent acquisition technology. In our latest survey, companies are two times more likely to invest in best-of-breed providers. These companies recognize that in many cases, best-of-breed solutions are able to provide both seamless integration and depth in functionality. These providers integrate (through an… Read more »

Hiring Success 2018: Top 10 Key Takeaways

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The ATS market is not really about the ATS anymore. Companies are investing in solutions that are less about compliance and workflow and more about strategic talent acquisition. This is a market where differentiators go beyond product capabilities and include services, customer support, and leadership. This new reality certainly rang true at SmartRecruiter’s Hiring Success… Read more »

Willis Towers Watson: HR Technology, Consulting, and Data

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When you think of Willis Towers Watson, “software” is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. As a leading consulting provider with over 40,000 employees in 140 countries, corporations use Willis Towers Watson’s services to help them grow, develop and retain talent. This firm has a reputation for expertise and excellence in delivering… Read more »

New Research: Talent Acquisition Trends 2018

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We launched our talent acquisition survey last week and we have been busy analyzing the results. Forty percent (40%) of companies are increasing their headcount this year and as a result, talent acquisition leaders are looking closely at what strategies and technology they have in place. Background screening, internal mobility, candidate communication, and recruitment marketing… Read more »