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We Are a Tech Company

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This phrase seems to be the rally cry for many of today’s largest companies. Financial firms are now competing for tech talent against companies like Google and Facebook. According to CB Insights, Goldman Sachs is hiring more tech talent this year than financial talent with a third of its workforce in engineering roles. JP Morgan… Read more »

It Is a Good Time to Be in HR Technology

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Last week was a big week with some major announcements about investment in HCM. First, Workday announced a $250 million venture fund with investments to go into early and growth stage providers focused on topics such as AI, blockchain, and machine learning. This announcement not only demonstrates Workday’s growing leadership in all things HCM but… Read more »

Improving the Candidate Experience Through Better Communication

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I have been thinking a lot about the candidate experience. For the past two years, companies we have surveyed cited improving the candidate experience as a top priority yet, only 40% of companies are actually successful at achieving this goal. If companies spend so much time and energy focused on the candidate experience, where does… Read more »

Amazon’s 2nd Headquarters: Building the Case for Boston

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Last week, Amazon announced the finalists for its 2nd headquarters and Boston is a contender. This is exciting news for a city that has seen significant growth in tech from companies like Wayfair, Tripadvisor, Raytheon, EMC, and Hubspot. According to the SEC, at the end of 2016, Raytheon added over 2000 jobs and Wayfair not… Read more »

AI, Voice Activated-Assistants, Robots: Does Any of It Matter?

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In talent acquisition, we hear a lot about things like AI, voice activated assistants, and robots. Will recruiters be replaced by AI? Will home voice activated assistants liked Google Home and Alexa become part of our workforce? What jobs are in danger? Providers are talking about it and many talent acquisition leaders are asking for… Read more »

Why iCIMS’ Acquisition of TextRecruit is a Big Deal

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When you think about iCIMS, “risk taker” might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But the NJ-based provider has demonstrated its ability to push the envelope and drive change more than many of its Silicon Valley peers. And its recent acquisition of TextRecruit, the mobile recruiting platform, is no exception. Colin Day,… Read more »

Your Employees are Financially Stressed. So, What are You Going to Do About It?

According to research by the American Psychological Association, 72% of Americans are financially stressed. It goes without saying that financial stress takes a serious toll on an individual’s health, happiness, and overall well-being. But it also has a ripple effect on our workforce. When employees are stressed, productivity, performance, and engagement all plummet. So, what… Read more »

New Year, New Priorities, and New Data

We are ready for a new year. We have been busy planning ahead and we are setting new goals and priorities. It is an exciting time to be in HCM and we are looking forward to the next twelve months. Here are a few of the things you can expect to see from Aptitude in… Read more »

Five Talent Acquisition Predictions for 2018

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The past year in talent acquisition has been characterized by new trends, new providers, and new investments. While this is an exciting time to be in talent acquisition, all of this change can feel overwhelming. At Aptitude Research Partners, we are thinking a lot about the future and what 2018 will bring. As companies make… Read more »