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New Research: The Future of Talent Acquisition

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Talent acquisition leaders face new pressures, new responsibilities, and new technology options. The competition for talent is getting more intense and companies are struggling to plan for the future. We launched our latest research on talent acquisition last month to better understand these priorities, technology investments, and buying behaviors. We are finally reaching a point… Read more »

Three Misperceptions About AI in Recruitment

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Are you confused by AI or unsure if your role is in jeopardy? Well, you are not alone. We launched our latest talent acquisition survey last week and found that 60% of companies are uncertain about AI and its impact on talent acquisition. And…43% of talent acquisition professionals fear they will lose their jobs. While… Read more »

How to Buy HR Technology: The First Step

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Companies are changing the way they buy HR technology. Evaluating and selecting the right provider has become much less about product capabilities and much more about a true partnership.  And that’s a good thing. In fact, according to research we conducted last year, nearly 80% of companies said that “word of mouth” and “reference calls”… Read more »

Ultimate Software: Fulfilling a Promise of Putting People First

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Last week, I attended Ultimate Software’s Connections Conference for the first time and to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Mollie and I travel to about 25 conferences a year. These events keep us up-to-date on the HCM technology space and they tend to cover the same stuff…product announcements, customer success stories,… Read more »

Why We Do Not Rank Vendors in Our Reports

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When Mollie and I founded Aptitude Research Partners, we did so because of a massive need in the Human Capital Management market for a more productive conversation between HCM technology users and providers. Our goal from day one has been to move the dialogue beyond feature and function, to what really matters. The mission of our… Read more »

Top Trends from the Recruitment Marketing Index

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Recruitment marketing is one of the most misunderstood markets in talent acquisition. Companies are increasing their investment in solutions that can help them engage and connect with individuals before they apply. But, too often, they don’t know what they are looking for in a provider. It doesn’t help when some solution providers are competing in… Read more »

A Look Back and a Look Ahead

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Paul Theroux said that winter is a time of recovery and preparation. Now at the end of January, these words feel particularly relevant as we reflect on what we have learned over the past year and plan for the future. And, no, this is not a political post. It is a post about HCM technology… Read more »

Top 10 Headlines of 2016

HCM technology is a dynamic market and this year did not disappoint. Providers announced new capabilities and products that covered everything from predictive analytics to data visualization to artificial intelligence. Partnerships were created, services were enhanced, and acquisitions were made. And after years of feeling left behind, HCM seems to have finally caught up to… Read more »