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Employee Communication: Lessons from The State of Colorado

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Most companies understand the importance of employee communication but fail to have an effective strategy. Companies need to continuously practice and improve the way they communicate. They need to invest in the right strategies and tools to make communication consistent and engaging. And, for many companies, it doesn’t come easy. We found that less than… Read more »

Don’t Go Changing…The Dangers of Category Creation

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The HCM technology market is competitive and crowded. Providers are trying to gain market share and expand into new territory. Especially, when customers are increasing their investments and 1 in 5 companies (on average) are looking to replace their existing solutions (Aptitude’s 2016 Hire, Engage and Retain study). Given this state of the market, one… Read more »

An Open Letter to Microsoft

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Congrats on acquiring LinkedIn. This is big news and an exciting opportunity for you. I know you probably haven’t figured out exactly what you are going to do with the social media giant and a lot of questions still remain unanswered. I don’t know if you are interested in getting seriously involved in the HR… Read more »

The Power of Recruitment Marketing

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When we asked organizations to identify their priorities for talent acquisition investment, recruitment marketing was top of the list. Companies want solutions that can handle the top of the funnel or the pre-applicant workflow. It is not a new request. Companies didn’t just decide they needed a solution to attract, engage or nurture leads. They… Read more »

Greenhouse and the Era of Next Generation ATS Providers

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Greenhouse is on a fast growth curve. It has made a name in an industry that is crowded, confusing and incredibly competitive. This next generation talent acquisition system is growing at 200% annually with $60 Million in funding and over 2000 customers (mid-market). It is interesting to me because it is not necessarily disrupting the… Read more »

Ericsson: A Lesson in Employer Branding

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Despite its’ recent popularity, employer branding is still fairly immature. In fact, less than half of companies we surveyed are investing in employer branding this year. Companies understand it is important but often do not know where to start or what role technology can play in attracting talent. And for those companies investing in employer… Read more »

China: Six Reasons HR Technology is a Big Deal

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My Dad visited China for the first time in 2009. He went for business but had the opportunity to see the Great Wall and many of the popular tourist sites you might expect. He took pictures and shared them- a first for my Dad. And six years later, he still finds a way to bring… Read more »