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Marketplace or Market Hype? Three Ways to Tell the Difference

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Who doesn’t love the concept of a Marketplace? As consumers, marketplaces allow us to make a dinner reservation, order food or even get a ride to the airport. They connect us with providers, reduce the friction of buying and selling, and help us navigate through a very complex ecosystem of providers. Fortunately, there is no shortage… Read more »

Stop Being So Fancy

Talent acquisition is incredibly complex. Recruiters are facing new responsibilities, new pressures and new challenges. But what surprises me is that many of the talent acquisition technology providers- with all of their products and enhancements- are adding to the complexity not alleviating it. The large, traditional Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are so quick to transform… Read more »

Just In: New Data on Talent Acquisition Technology

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Our first Aptitude survey is off to a great start with close to 300 responses. The goal of this research is to explore how companies are leveraging technology to improve the way they hire, engage and retain talent. We are looking at the challenges and strategies through every stage of the customer’s journey from readiness… Read more »

I Can’t Even: HR Trends We Are Over

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At the start of each year, HR Trends are hard to ignore. Everyone has an opinion. Everyone has a message. Everyone has an idea of what happened in the past year and what should happen in the New Year. And yes… I am guilty. Trends are important because they help companies understand their priorities and… Read more »

Recruitment Marketing: It’s Time to Start Paying Attention

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If you thought recruitment marketing was just a passing trend, you might want to think again. Companies are restructuring their talent acquisition functions and investing in technology to improve the way they attract, nurture and engage talent. A recruitment marketing platform handles everything on the front end of recruitment or to put it bluntly, everything… Read more »

A New Year, A New Survey, A New Conversation

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If you follow the HCM space, you may have noticed that everyone seems to say and write about the same stuff. We all talk about analytics being important, the rise of a more flexible workforce and the need for solutions that focus on the individual. We talk about mobile, social, and video and how they… Read more »

Applicant Tracking Systems: You’ve Come a Long Way Baby

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I started studying the Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) market twelve years ago. At that time, there were only ten providers worth talking about and very few up-and-comers. Multilingual configuration, high-volume and onboarding were key differentiators and the user experience was pretty ugly (And…I’m being nice). Selecting a system, at that time, focused on the right… Read more »