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Talent Acquisition Trifecta: Looking Beyond the ATS

The Talent Acquisition Technology Landscape has become crowded, complicated, and overwhelming. With thousands of providers in the market and new categories that seem to emerge every month, it is difficult for companies to understand what they need to be successful. Not long ago, companies relied solely on their ATS providers or their job boards to… Read more »

HireVue Acquires AllyO: A New Look at Conversational AI

Companies are increasing their investment in conversational AI for talent acquisition. In research we conducted earlier this year, 36% of companies invest or plan to invest in these solutions this year compared to 7% in 2019. The value goes beyond speed and efficiency. Conversational AI improves the overall experience and helps to keep candidates engaged… Read more »

Jobvite Acquires Talentegy: Improving the Candidate Experience Through Analytics

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This week, Jobvite announced the acquisition of Talentegy, a leading talent analytics platform designed to help companies improve the candidate and employee experience. This announcement follows a busy summer for Jobvite with the acquisition of Predictive Partner and launch of AI Innovation Lab, which includes new capabilities for analytics. While many of its competitors have… Read more »

Modern Hire Acquires Sonru and Expands Its Global Reach

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Modern Hire announced the acquisition of Sonru, a global video interview provider based in Ireland. This acquisition further demonstrates Modern Hire’s commitment to improving talent acquisition through technology, science, and insights. While some HR technology providers are slowing down this year, Modern Hire is ramping up to build a more comprehensive solution and expand globally…. Read more »

New Research: Conversational AI in Talent Acquisition

One of the biggest changes in talent acquisition technology over the past year has been the uptick in conversational AI. Companies are looking for better ways to communicate with candidates, improve efficiencies, and offer simplicity- especially through the past three months. I am excited about Aptitude’s latest research report on this topic in partnership with… Read more »

The Forgotten Workforce: New Research on the Hourly Candidate

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 82 million workers in the United States are paid hourly, representing 58.5% of all wage and salary workers. Hourly workers comprise the largest segment of today’s workforce yet, these individuals are too often ignored. I am so excited about the latest research study by Aptitude and Alexander… Read more »

The Talent Landscape in 2020: Total Talent, Metrics that Matter, and Finding a Partner

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It has been an exciting year in talent acquisition. The technology landscape has changed. Talent acquisition leaders face new responsibilities and are being held more accountable for business metrics. Yet, at the same time, so much in talent acquisition remains the same. When we asked what recruiters spend their time doing, scheduling interviews and finding… Read more »

iCIMS Announces a New Framework for Talent Acquisition

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The talent acquisition technology market has experienced significant transformation over the past few years with new products, providers, categories and startups. It is an exciting time to be in the recruitment industry but at the same time, it can feel incredibly overwhelming as companies try to understand what a modern technology stack should include. Furthermore,… Read more »

New Research: Talent Acquisition Buyer’s Guide for the SMB Market

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George LaRocque and I have been busy this past month research trends in how SMB organizations evaluate and select talent acquisition technology. While so much focus has been on the enterprise market, SMB organizations, in many cases, are rethinking their tech stack and focusing on innovation. And…they have great options. That Talent Acquisition Buyer’s Guide… Read more »