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New Research on Talent Acquisition Technology Trends

Talent acquisition technology trends seem to change every few months and it’s hard to keep up. In fact, over 60% of companies are increasing their investment in recruitment technology this year according to Aptitude Research. Companies are looking at both traditional providers as well as startups to help solve challenges with attracting, recruiting and hiring… Read more »

The Modern Talent Acquisition Function: Roles and Responsibilities

As talent acquisition becomes more complex, the role of the recruiter and the recruiting function must evolve. Recruiters must juggle multiple hats to be successful. No longer just focused on relationship-building or administrative tasks, the modern recruiting function requires a new set of skills and competencies that often seem contradictory. Just take data analysis and… Read more »

Talent Acquisition: The Next Wave of Acquisitions

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Today, K1 Investment Management (a private equity firm based out of Los Angeles) invested over $200 million in Jobvite. This funding will be used to acquire three distinct (and notably different) talent acquisition providers: Talemetry (Recruitment Marketing Platform), Rolepoint (Employee Referrals), and Canvas (Candidate Communication and Text). Each provider offers a unique set of products… Read more »