Employee Recognition: Thinking Beyond the Holidays

During the holiday season, most companies find some way to recognize their employees. This recognition may come from gift certificates, company parties, or extra vacation days. And while the intentions are genuine, showing appreciating only once a year does very little to boost morale, motivate employees, or improve engagement efforts.  We found that most companies are still fairly immature in their recognition efforts. According to our recent culture survey, managers lack the right tools and strategies.

  • 52% of leaders recognize employees
  • 44% of companies encourage peer recognition
  • 40% of managers are trained on recognition

Strategic recognition can have a dramatic impact on business results – helping companies improve retention, productivity and performance. In fact, companies with strategic recognition are three times more likely to have an engaged workforce and two times more likely to improve quality of hire. But in order for companies to mature in the way they appreciate employees, recognition needs to be Consistent, Frequent, and Meaningful.

Companies also need to have the right tools and technology in place. One in four organizations plan to invest in social recognition solutions over the next 12 months. The recognition technology market has evolved from a stand-alone module to a suite of solutions that align with performance and engagement. These solutions give hope to a market that is ready for change. Tomorrow during a webinar, I will sharing some of our recent research on recognition and providing some strategies for improving recognition and investing in the right provider. Please join me at 11am EST!