The Future of AI Matching: A Conversation with Tim Sackett

It is hard to find a conversation in TA tech that doesn’t include AI matching. ATS providers are enhancing their capabilities to connect jobs to candidates and candidates to jobs. Providers like HiredScore and Eightfold have gained a lot of momentum in the past year. While SeekOut, a search and sourcing provider, announced that it raised $65 million in Series B funding expanding its matching capabilities. All eyes are on AI matching. In our latest study, 34% of companies stated that they are using some type of matching and they are two times more likely to improve diverse sources and three times more likely to improve quality of hire.

Although companies understand the value of AI-matching, they don’t always know where to go to find a technology partner. My friend, Tim Sackett (a true expert on all things TA) and I had a discussion on AI matching last week.

Here are some of the questions we addressed:

  • Should AI matching come from an ATS provider or a stand-alone provider?
  • What are the benefits of AI matching? Why is everyone interested?
  • Are providers truly considering ethical AI? Are companies?
  • Should matching be employer-driven (matching candidates to jobs) or candidate-driven (matching jobs to candidates)?
  • What else is going on in TA tech today?

We would love to know if you agree or disagree and what your thoughts are on the SeekOut announcement or TA tech.