The Talent Landscape in 2020: Total Talent, Metrics that Matter, and Finding a Partner

It has been an exciting year in talent acquisition.

The technology landscape has changed. Talent acquisition leaders face new responsibilities and are being held more accountable for business metrics.

Yet, at the same time, so much in talent acquisition remains the same.

When we asked what recruiters spend their time doing, scheduling interviews and finding candidates in the ATS were top of the list. With new responsibilities, talent acquisition leaders need to think about partners that can help them focus on more strategic initiatives. I am excited because next Tuesday, I will join Jim McCoy, General Manager of Scout, for a webinar to discuss some of the most critical topics in talent acquisition in the next year that is driving change including:

Total Talent Acquisition: Although a flexible workforce can help organizations reduce costs, close talent gaps, and navigate change, developing a strategy around the use of contingent labor has become increasingly complex. In order to maximize the value of contingent labor and plan for future workforce needs, organizations must adopt a more systematic approach to the way they manage this critical talent pool. During this webinar, we will discuss how organizations are looking beyond the long-standing boundaries that divide traditional employee talent acquisition from management of the contingent and free agent workforce talent supply. Companies are adopting a single-integrated framework for employee recruitment, and contingent workforce supply chain management, yielding what is known as a total talent strategy. Nearly 30% of companies have a strategy for total talent acquisition.

Metrics that Drive Success: Talent acquisition is being held more accountable to business metrics yet, some companies still fall behind in their efforts to measure the success of their talent acquisition efforts and recruiter performance. During this webinar, we will discuss the metrics that are most critical for talent acquisition leaders and solutions that can help to measure the performance of recruiters and recruiting teams.

Finding the Right Partners: According to Aptitude Research, nearly 50% of companies are still not measuring the ROI of their investments in talent acquisition technology and services. With so many new options and startups to consider, companies need to be careful when evaluating providers and look for partners that have demonstrated expertise and a commitment to talent acquisition. During this webinar, we will talk about the questions that companies need to ask when evaluating partners in today’s market.

And, it wouldn’t be a talent acquisition webinar without a discussion around AI, so we plan to discuss AI’s role as well. This webinar will help companies at any stage of talent acquisition prepare for the next year. I hope you can join us!