Research Methodology

Aptitude Research was built on research. Industry-leading, qualitative and quantitative research drawn from a broad community of technology providers and HR practitioners no less. We focus on the core aspects of Human Capital Management to better understand the skills, capabilities, technology and underlying strategies required to deliver the best results in today’s complex work environment.

Quantitative Research

We survey hundreds of organizations across a wide range of industries and company sizes.

Qualitative Research

We regularly conduct customer interviews to enhance our surveys.

Solution Provider Analysis

Aptitude conducts comprehensive briefings and demos with each of the providers.

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The Index Reports

The Aptitude Index report does not rank providers. It provides an overview of the market and helps companies rethink the evaluation criteria used to select providers, and what providers might meet their unique requirements. As the market becomes more complex, organizations must take a step back and reexamine what is driving success and ask new questions around technology decisions. The final section of this report includes profiles of leading providers describing their key differentiators along these criteria.

Comprehensive Research Reports

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Latest Research Report

The State of High-Volume Recruitment

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Webinars & Speaking Engagements

Visit our collection of webinars, podcasts, and videos to experience the changing landscape of Human Capital Management. Out thought leadership offers insight into the functional areas of HR and its related technology. Learn where we are speaking and more.

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