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Yello and WayUp Merger: A New Look at Early Talent

Yesterday, Yello and WayUp announced a merger to strengthen their early talent and campus recruiting capabilities. Early talent programs have experienced tremendous change and transformation over the past year. Companies have faced new pressures with moving to virtual events, limited student engagement, disparate systems, and a lack of data and insights. Additionally, DEI is a priority for companies and requires a more focused and targeted approach involving the right schools and student communities. Technology plays a critical role in helping companies prepare for the future of their early talent programs.

This merger combines WayUp’s diversity sourcing with Yello’s robust early talent capabilities, including CRM, events, scheduling, and communication. Yello will now be able to integrate its enterprise platform with WayUp’s diverse database of over 6 million candidates.

Chad Sowash and I interviewed Liz Wessel, Founder of WayUp, and Corey Ferengul, CEO of Yello, to discuss:

  • Why this merger and why now? What does this mean for companies?
  • How will these companies go to market?
  • What are some of the challenges in early talent and campus recruiting, and how will they address them?
  • How does Yello now compete with Handshake, if at all?
  • What is the plan for the future?