New Research: Talent Acquisition Buyer’s Guide for the SMB Market

George LaRocque and I have been busy this past month research trends in how SMB organizations evaluate and select talent acquisition technology. While so much focus has been on the enterprise market, SMB organizations, in many cases, are rethinking their tech stack and focusing on innovation. And…they have great options. That Talent Acquisition Buyer’s Guide for the SMB Market sponsored by Verified First and JazzHR, published last week and we are sharing some of the key findings on a webinar tomorrow. Below is an overview of what we plan to cover:

 The talent acquisition technology landscape continues to evolve every year with new providers entering the market and traditional providers expanding their offerings. Evaluating and selecting the right technology partner is becoming increasingly complex as companies try to navigate this new landscape. Additionally, business leaders are putting more pressure on talent acquisition to make strategic decisions and demonstrate the value of their investments.  According to Aptitude Research’s 2019 Talent Acquisition survey, companies are using up to 20 different technology solutions and only 38% of SMB companies are measuring the ROI of their investments.

SMB organizations face a unique set of challenges when evaluating technology solutions and finding a partner has become challenging for many smaller organizations that do not always know what options they have available in talent acquisition. Small to mid-sized companies are rethinking the way they identify and attract talent in order to align more closely with business objectives. They are shifting their priorities and investing in technology that will improve quality of hires, recruitment efficiencies as well as the candidate experience. And, more importantly, they realize they do not need to sacrifice one for the other. According to Aptitude Research’ 2019 Talent Acquisition study, nearly 70% of SMB organizations invest in technology that is up to date with consumer technology and 80% of SMB organizations want solutions that will help to improve the candidate experience.

This webinar will help organizations answer the following questions:

        What is the current state of the talent acquisition technology landscape?

        Who are buyers for talent acquisition technology at SMB organizations?

        How can buyers gain the support of senior executives in their organization?

        What is the key criteria for selecting talent acquisition technology?

        What internal and external questions should companies ask before selecting talent acquisition technology?

 I hope you can join us!