Recommendations for Recruiting Remotely

This week I joined Stacey Schmidt at Pegasystems and Andre Boulais at Jobvite to talk about recruiting in a remote world. Companies are rethinking their processes and technology to support virtual recruiting. And, making changes doesn’t require a huge overhaul of your talent acquisition process. In many cases, it requires some small changes and some different tools. Our discussion offered some practical advice for companies looking to support their recruiting teams, hiring managers, and candidates.

Below are some of the highlights we discussed across the full talent acquisition lifecycle:

Recruitment Marketing
• Be genuine: Companies need to be genuine with their messaging and communication. Employers should use social media to be transparent rather than promotional.
• Clean-up Your CRM: Companies can think about organizing their CRM and reengaging talent. They can also think about targeted messaging and reengaging alumni, internal employees, and candidates that did not receive an offer.
• Rethink rejection: Companies need to rethink the rejection process to engage with talent and provide insights to candidates who may not move forward now but could continue to engage as candidates or customers in the future.

Technology: CRM, Social Media, Career Sites

• Look at competitors: If competitors are laying off employees, consider campaigns in your CRM that would reach these candidates.
• Engage talent pipelines: Companies can reach out to talent pipelines via campaigns and refresh old profiles and continue nurturing those relationships.
• Improve employee referrals: Companies can think about the employee referral program to gather leads for prizes and communicate these programs to employees.

Technology: CRM, passive sourcing solutions, employee referral solutions

• Invest in Conversational AI and Text: Companies should consider conversational AI or chatbots to support initial candidate engagement during the process and collect necessary information on a candidate.
• Invest in video screening capabilities: Video can help companies screen candidates early in the process and allow hiring managers and recruiters to prebuild these videos from home.

Technology: Conversational AI, Text, Video Screening

• Consider digital assessments: Companies should consider digital assessments that can provide validity but also improve the candidate experience through a simple process.
• Shorten the assessment: Companies looking to fill positions in a short period of time should consider providers that offer shorter, candidate-friendly assessments.

Technology: Digital assessments, game-based assessments

• Leverage digital interviewing solutions in place of onsite interviews: Digital interviewing offers the ability to schedule, manage, and track interviews. Companies should look at providers
• Videotape your company: Key team members and employees can share what it is like to work at your company. Companies can do this by keeping the message genuine and encouraging employees to talk about their jobs. Employees can do this from their homes and submit their videos.
• Communicate with candidates: Companies should overcommunicate with candidates on the interview process. They should guide virtual interviewing and tips to be successful during the interview.

Technology: Interview scheduling, Conversational AI, Video interviewing

Offer and Onboard
• Automate forms management: Companies should be investing in a provider to support forms management for all new hires.
• Connect new hires with team members and peers before day one: Companies should create an environment where new hires feel connected through virtual meetings and networking with peers.
• Consider online coaching: New hires can feel supported through online coaching and mentoring programs.

Technology: Onboarding system, Learning solutions, Online coaching


  • Madeline Laurano

    Madeline Laurano is the founder and chief analyst of Aptitude Research. For over 18 years, Madeline’s primary focus has been on the HCM market, specializing in talent acquisition and employee experience. Her work helps companies both validate and re-evaluate their strategies and understand the role technology can play in driving business outcomes. She has watched HCM transform from a back-office function to a strategic company initiative with a focus on partnerships, experience and efficiency. Before founding Aptitude Research, Madeline held research roles at Aberdeen, Bersin by Deloitte, ERE Media and Brandon Hall Group. She is the co-author of Best Practices in Leading a Global Workforce and is often quoted in leading business publications including The Wall Street Journal, The Boston Globe, Yahoo News, The New York Times and The Financial Times. She is a frequent presenter at industry conferences including the HR Technology Conference and Exposition, SHRM, IHRIM, HCI’s Strategic Talent Acquisition Conference, Unleash, GDS International’s HCM Summit, and HRO Today. In her spare time, she is a runner, an avid sports fan and juggles a house full of boys (where a spontaneous indoor hockey game is not unheard of!).