AI Matching: The Future of Sourcing

The interest and investment in AI matching has skyrocketed since 2020 — our research has found that 40% of enterprises are using AI matching capabilities to support talent acquisition and sourcing efforts, and another 37% are evaluating their options.

When done right, AI matching improves the candidate experience, reduces bias in hiring, and improves the quality of applicants. However, in a rush to speed up hiring, many companies often neglect critical aspects of AI matching, including quality and ethics.

If AI matching is the future of sourcing and talent acquisition, companies must take a critical look at the providers they are evaluating, the algorithms they have in place, and the impact on fair and equitable hiring practices. This report will help answer the following questions:

  • What is driving the decision to invest in AI matching today?
  • How is AI matching being used today to support sourcing efforts?
  • What capabilities are the most critical when evaluating providers?
  • What options do companies have when evaluating providers?
  • What impact (both negative and positive) does AI matching have in talent acquisition?

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