2021 Conversational AI Report

2021 Conversational AI Report

Just one year after our last comprehensive study on conversational AI published, the talent acquisition landscape has significantly changed.

Companies are feeling intense pressure to improve efficiencies, identify quality hires, reduce bias, and humanize the overall experience for recruiters and candidates. As companies look closely at talent acquisition technology to help lift the administrative burden of recruiting teams and engage with candidates in a more meaningful way, conversational AI checks every box. 

One in two enterprises are investing or planning to invest in conversational AI this year. But as the demand increases, so does the confusion. The goal of this report is to provide clarity around conversational AI and the impact it has on the future of talent acquisition. It will answer the following questions: 

  • How has investment in conversational AI changed during the past year?
  • What are the misconceptions around conversational AI?
  • What problems does conversational AI help solve in talent acquisition? 
  • What type of companies see value in these solutions?
  • What use cases should companies consider?

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