Extended Workforce Systems Report

Extended Workforce Systems: The New Era of Total Talent Management

The modern workforce has changed significantly over the past year as companies adjust to new pressures and realities. Eighty percent (80%) of companies are leveraging contingent workers this year, and one in three plan to increase that investment. By embracing this extended workforce – which includes full-time employees, contractors, freelancers, SOW-based workers, independent consultants, gig workers, and alumni – companies can help fill critical skill gaps, provide more flexibility, and prepare for the future of work.

But, as companies look to the future of work, they also need to rethink their technology stack. Outdated solutions designed for traditional workers (talent acquisition solutions) or contingent workers (VMS) simply won’t cut it. They must consider solutions that will provide visibility into the entire workforce and allow them to attract, develop, engage, and retain all types of workers. 

This report, based on data collected in June 2021, looks at the role of technology in supporting both traditional and contingent workforces. Specifically, it reviews:

  • The current state of contingent workforce management
  • The role and future of the VMS
  • The impact of extended workforce systems


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