Total Talent Management: The Key to the Future of Work

Total Talent Management: The Key to the Future of Work

As companies face new pressures and priorities this year, they are thinking more critically about the future of their workforce. A flexible and extended workforce helps companies fill critical talent gaps, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity. It also helps companies adapt and adjust to changing business needs – especially during times of uncertainty. 

According to Aptitude Research, 80% of companies leverage contingent workers, and one in three companies plan to increase their investment this year. However, there are inherent challenges that come along with a contingent workforce strategy, including visibility, technology, and confidence in performance.  

In order to be successful, companies must shift their contingent workforce management strategies and technology. This report, based on data collected in 2020 and 2021, highlights the following transformations in contingent workforce management:

  • Shifts in ownership from procurement to HR 
  • New technology options that drive greater results 
  • Strategies to improve visibility into headcount, spend, and engagement

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