The State of High-Volume Recruitment

The State of High-Volume Recruitment

The State of High-Volume Recruitment: Data, Trends, and Strategies for High-Volume Hiring Success Research Reports.

According to Aptitude Research, 65% of companies have some high-volume recruitment needs today. As hiring ramps up and companies look to scale, this percentage will likely increase. 

High-volume hiring is often misunderstood and as companies rethink their talent acquisition strategies for the next year, high-volume recruitment must be a priority. This report, based on data collected in 2021, looks at the state of high-volume recruitment and provides key recommendations for companies at any stage of the process. Specifically, it helps answer the following:

  1. What is the definition of high-volume recruitment and how are companies changing the way they recruit for these positions? 
  2. What are the unique set of challenges companies face in high-volume recruitment?
  3. Where do most applicants drop-off of the process and what can companies do to ensure greater conversion rates?
  4. How do issues such as pay and vaccinations play a role in hiring for high-volume roles today?
  5. What strategies should companies consider from recruitment marketing to onboarding?
  6. What capabilities can help improve high-volume recruitment?
  7. What should companies consider as they plan for the future of their high-volume recruitment needs?

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