The State of Programmatic Job Advertising

Research Report

Programmatic buying has changed the face of job advertising. It has helped companies save costs, streamline job advertising, target the right candidates and maximize ROI. Once companies move to a programmatic job advertising model, they are unlikely to go back to their previous manual processes.

This study found that companies using programmatic job advertising are two times more likely to improve time to fill and three times more likely to improve the quality of their sources. Yet, most employers are still unclear as to what programmatic job advertising is and how it can provide value to their talent acquisition and recruitment efforts.

This report, based on data collected in January and February 2021, is a guide for any company interested in exploring programmatic job advertising to reduce their spend and increase performance on their job campaigns. It uncovers programmatic job advertising myths, the strategies companies are using, and the impact on marketing and talent acquisition efforts.

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