Technology: A Year in Review

The pandemic, hybrid work, and “The Great Resignation” has forced talent acquisition leaders to rethink their strategies and embrace change to prepare for the future of work. Remote recruiting models were implemented and companies had to engage with candidates in new ways. Every organization has undergone some type of transformation, and talent acquisition leaders are uniquely positioned to help influence this change. If 2020 was the year for reevaluating talent acquisition, then 2021 was the year for rebuilding it.

As companies look ahead, speed has become the new currency for the future of work. Talent acquisition success is measured by its ability to adjust to change. And talent acquisition leaders face pressure to adopt the latest technology innovations quickly. According to Aptitude Research, 62% of companies invested in new technology this year, but only half measured the ROI of their investments.

Companies are in the process of replacing their ATS, evaluating CRM solutions, and investing in everything from sourcing to onboarding. This report is a summary of our 2021 research into TA technology, including:

  • AI-Matching
  • ATS Market
  • Contingent Workforce Management
  • Conversational AI
  • Exceptional Experiences
  • High-Volume Recruitment
  • Programmatic Job Advertising

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