Redefining Success: Talent Analytics for the Future

Redefining Success: Talent Analytics for the Future

Like many things, talent acquisition strategies have changed in response to the events of 2020.

According to Aptitude Research, 62% of companies are still hiring even if their focus has shifted.

Talent acquisition and HR leaders are reevaluating processes, technology and analytics to prepare for the next year. What worked in 2019 will no longer work today, and companies must build a deeper understanding of what drives success and performance. They need a more robust approach that harnesses the power of provable, scientific data. Currently, only one in three companies are using performance data in their recruitment decisions, and on and one in two companies do not trust their data sources. Thoughtful collection and skillful management of data is the bedrock of strategic talent analytics and successful hiring outcomes.

The latest report from Aptitude Research is based on research collected during the last quarter of 2020 and looks at how companies are redefining success, rethinking analytics, and preparing for the future.

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