Human-Centered Work: Putting the Employee First

The labor shortage, Great Resignation, societal events and the pandemic’s impact on the workplace have created a shift – today’s market has become employee-driven. According to our research, companies have responded by increasing their focus on employee experience. In fact, one in three companies have increased their spend on the employee experience and 47% are investing in new solutions to support these objectives. 

Yet despite this increased investment, many companies are still falling short. Instead of acknowledging the employee perspective and the cultural changes that need to happen, they are taking a one-size-fits-all approach and treating employees like transactions instead of humans. Companies need to rethink their approach to talent and focus on the individual – building more meaningful relationships and providing an experience that is rooted in inclusivity, humanity, dignity and trust. 

This report explores the following:

  • Today’s top workforce priorities and the factors driving the need for human-centered work
  • The disconnect between the employee and employer experiences
  • The role humanity plays in company culture and the pillars of human-centered work
  • Strategies companies should consider across the employee lifecycle

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