Conversational AI and the Future of Hiring: Humans, Technology and How They Work Together

Research Report

Companies are increasing their investment in conversational AI to support talent acquisition efforts. According to Aptitude Researchs 2020 talent acquisition study, 38% of companies are using or are planning to use conversational AI solutions in 2020 compared to 7% in 2019. And, while many companies are currently pushing pause on other areas of talent acquisition technology, the increased focus on conversational AI remains steadfast. This uptick in conversational AI is driven by the need to improve how talent acquisition operates. But, the benefits of these solutions extend far beyond efficiency. Conversational AI is more than a chatbot. It enhances the human side of talent acquisition by offering candidates consistent communication, AI-powered workflows, and the information they need in real-time. This research, based on data collected from February to May 2020, will help to clarify this market and include recommendations for companies interested in these solutions.