Data-Driven Hiring: Improving Quality and Reducing Bias

Hiring is one of the most critical – and most neglected – areas of talent acquisition. Over the past few years, companies have invested significantly in recruitment marketing, sourcing, and ATS solutions to attract talent, but often ignore what needs to happen after a candidate applies for a position. As a result, 57% don’t have the data they need to make the right hiring decisions, and one in four companies will not reach their hiring goals.

Yet companies are still facing intense pressure to fill positions in a short period of time. There is light at the end of the tunnel – our research shows that one in three companies plan to increase their investment in hiring technology (interview, screening, and assessment). They recognize that they need a consistent process and quality data to gain deeper insights on candidates and make smarter, confident, and bias-free talent decisions. 

This report is meant to aid in that process and explores the following:

  • The current state of hiring, including top challenges, key priorities and technology 
  • How talent measurement fits into the future of hiring
  • Ways to define a talent measurement framework and streamline solutions
  • Keys to understanding candidate insights to make better hires

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