Key Trends in Interviewing: It’s Time to Fix What’s Broken

Key Trends in interviewing

The interviewing process for many companies is inconsistent, impersonal, and filled with bias. In fact, 50% of companies have lost quality candidates due to a poor interviewing process. And while the virtual interviewing platforms that surfaced out of necessity during the pandemic are still in use, video fatigue is setting in from both recruiters and candidates.

Interviewing is one of the most critical areas of talent acquisition and companies are finally rethinking their strategies amid the growing talent shortage, new work environments, and increasing business and economic pressures. Companies are looking to fix broken processes – 36% identified interviewing as a top priority for 2022 and 52% are accelerating their investment in interviewing technology.

This report looks at the challenges, strategies, and technologies that impact interviewing today and examines:

  • Why companies should care about interviewing
  • Effective interviewing strategies
  • How companies can measure the ROI of the interview process
  • What candidates expect around the interview
  • How technology can provide a better interview experience for all

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