The Next Wave of CRM: Designed for the Modern Recruiter

Organizations are recognizing the significance of engaging with candidates before they apply, with over three-quarters already using or planning to implement candidate relationship management (CRM) solutions. Yet, only 25% are satisfied with their current CRM provider and initial investment often fails to translate into meaningful adoption. 

This underscores a significant gap between the promised capabilities of CRM systems and their actual delivery of value. In response, the CRM market is undergoing a transformative shift. Traditional providers are expanding their offerings, while a new breed of providers is entering with tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs of modern recruiters.

These innovative CRM solutions seamlessly integrate sourcing, traditional CRM functionalities, and robust analytics to address the evolving demands of talent acquisition. This report explores modern CRM and its impact on recruitment efforts, conversion rates, and the candidate and recruiter experience.

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