Onboarding: Are We Doing Enough?

Onboarding has a significant impact on retention, employer branding, and quality of hire. It is the first impression between an employee and employer, and the link between talent acquisition and talent management. 

Eighty-six percent (86%) of employers believe that new hires make the decision to stay at a company in their first 90 days. Yet, companies are twice as likely to invest in talent acquisition and employee experience than onboarding, and 42% do not have a dedicated onboarding solution at all.

As companies prepare for the future of work, the importance of onboarding must not be overlooked. This report reviews the current and future state of onboarding and provides a guide for how companies can get started. Specifically, it examines the following:

  • The challenges companies face with onboarding
  • The benefits of a successful onboarding program
  • How companies are reframing their views around onboarding
  • Why they should invest in digital, automated solutions
  • How technology can improve the new hire experience while ensuring compliance
  • Which onboarding strategies best measure the impact on talent and the overall business

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