The State of Campus Recruiting

As companies prepare for the future of their workforce, they must look closely at their early talent and campus recruiting programs. New strategies and solutions – including DEI, events management, candidate engagement, and employer branding – need to be thoughtfully considered. Technology and automation play a critical role in enabling this transformation.

But with campus recruiting including a mix of in-person and virtual events for the foreseeable future, traditional recruitment solutions are not enough. They don’t support the modern campus recruiting function and lack many of the key capabilities needed to effectively identify, attract, and recruit today’s early talent. It is not surprising that 65% of companies are planning to increase their investment in campus recruiting technology this year.

Based on data collected in late 2021 and early 2022, this report will help companies at any stage of their early talent journey. It will explore the following:

  • The current state of early talent and campus recruiting (and top priorities)
  • What actions companies can take to prepare for the future
  • The impact campus recruiting has on the candidate and the recruiter experiences
  • Which technologies companies should consider to help with the above

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