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Jobvite Acquires Talentegy: Improving the Candidate Experience Through Analytics

This week, Jobvite announced the acquisition of Talentegy, a leading talent analytics platform designed to help companies improve the candidate and employee experience. This announcement follows a busy summer for Jobvite with the acquisition of Predictive Partner and launch of AI Innovation Lab, which includes new capabilities for analytics. While many of its competitors have halted investments this year, Jobvite continues its commitment to enhancing capabilities and providing a more comprehensive end-to-end talent acquisition platform.

And, the timing is right. The ATS no longer defines the talent acquisition market. Companies need different capabilities to engage talent, improve the candidate experience, and measure their effectiveness. This acquisition is significant because it represents the future of talent acquisition technology and redefines these platforms through the lens of analytics, technology, and partnership.

What is Talentegy?

Talentegy was created to help companies provide more engaging user experiences. It tracks user activity across all talent systems (CRM, career sites, HRIS, etc.) and enables companies to measure what’s working and what’s not working to maximize these experiences. Some of its differentiators include:

  • Companies do not need IT involvement or in-depth integrations. Talentegy brings multiple systems in one view through its Smart Tag capabilities.
  • Talent acquisition leaders receive automated alerts when candidate and employee engagement is not working. They can then adjust their strategies.
  • Talentegy offers surveys that collect feedback on candidate and employee experiences to inform talent acquisition leaders better.

What Does This Mean for Jobvite?

Jobvite has invested in robust data analytics this year, and Talentegy continues that strategy. It will allow Jobvite to help companies understand what needs to change and how to improve the candidate experience. Customers can leverage the Talentegy solution as a standalone product or purchase it as an add-on to Jobvite’s current Analytics offering. Jobvite will also incorporate Talentegy product capabilities into its existing suite of solutions.

Acquisitions are not easy. They can create new opportunities for customers, but they can also create frustrations or disruptions. Add a pandemic, and they become even more challenging. Jobvite has done well. It has made very strategic decisions around its investments and its impact on its culture. It continues to expand its offerings while maintaining a commitment to its employees and customers. And it is helping to make the TA tech industry as exciting as it was in 2019.