Ethical AI: What TA Leaders Need to Know

It’s hard to find a conversation in TA tech that does not include AI matching. ATS providers are enhancing their capabilities to connect jobs to candidates and candidates to jobs. Providers like HiredScore and Eightfold have gained momentum in the past year and sourcing providers are going to market more aggressively as matching providers. In our latest TA study, 34% of companies stated that they are using some type of matching, and they are two times more likely to improve diverse sources and three times more likely to improve quality of hire.

Although companies understand the value of AI matching, they do not always know where to go to find a technology partner. Companies and buyers that are committed to ethical AI are looking at stand-alone providers, while companies focused on efficiency AI are looking at their ATS providers. Companies must consider what data they are using to match, the providers’ approach to ethical AI, and what skills are available on candidate profiles.

Last week, I joined Tim Sackett and Tyler Weeks to talk about the growth of AI matching, the importance of ethical AI, and what companies should consider. Here are a few of the questions we discussed:

  • Do TA leaders care about ethical AI? Why should they?
  • What should companies think about when evaluating ethical AI providers?
  • Is it technology providers’ role to bring ethics to TA?
  • What impact will the AI regulations in Europe have on TA tech?